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Paul Philbin is a Freelance Copywriter from Liverpool 

a.k.a. the CopyBoss

Freelance Copywriter

“Together, we’ll engage your customerscompel them to act – and turn your business into a sales machine




‘Customer Focused’ Copywriting Creates More Sales

If you don’t have it – you’re losing business to your competitors.

If you want to have it – relax – you’re in the right place …

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Peter Samson CEO - Fazio - Bristol UK

"An excellent job done on a subject not many would be able to tackle so competently. Conversions improved beyond my hopes. Would wholeheartedly recommend PaulPhilbin!"

Elaine DeNillo Head of Marketing - P.S.G. - Michigan USA

"Paul's passion for the project gave us all a kick up the backside. I've been trying to convince him to join us full time ever since."

Amo Awussi MD - Greenfield Media - Cardiff

"Hired Paul in 2013 to craft an ad for one of our clients. He now writes or edits them all. Great bloke."


How to Sell More of Anything



Natural SEO Content

Have pages written for your business that Google understands – AND rewards in search engine rankings.

CopyBoss copywriting

Effective Landing Pages

Get everything your ‘lander’ needs – to convert your prospect into a ‘paying’ customer.


Email Marketing

Compelling emails your prospect:

1. Wants to open

 2. Acts on

 3. Looks forward to the next


Ads that Get Noticed

Commission a single ad – or a whole campaign – to get inside the head of your target market and drive more sales.


  Business Blogs

Become more relevant – engaging and important to your audience, to position your business as a ‘go to’ authority.


Interesting Newsletters

Deliver unignorable subject lines and stay fresh in the mind of your customer with relevant, entertaining and useful industry news.


PPC Headlines

Often overlooked by paid ad teams as a job for a writer. But, expert headlines get more ‘qualified’ clicks – no brainer.


Lead Magnets

White Papers/Cheat Sheets/eBooks or whatever you dangle in front of your prospect, make sure it’s readable, valuable and actionable.

CopyBoss copywriting

Press Releases

Got a business story worth shouting to the world? Get it expertly writtenbefore you hit ‘send’.

CopyBoss copywriting

Social Media Copy

Vital for engaging your customers and driving sales to your door. Get your posts expertly written – before you hit ‘send’.

CopyBoss copywriting

Video Scripts

A great brand video does wonders for your business. Get a great script to tell your story the right wayto the right audience.

CopyBoss copywriting

Printed Media

Make every word count with content to compel your reader to take action.

CopyBoss copywriting


Additional Services


Website Content Auditing

Get a full website report to highlight any problems or fixes you need to make for optimal sales performance.


 Digital Content Training

One2one or team training to give you the tools to go it alone.


  Marketing Consultancy

     Get a ‘non-stop marketing brain’ on your side.