Your Copywriting Process (What to Expect)

Copywriting process



Hi there, I’m Paul (The CopyBoss).  

I won’t bore you with my life story. You’ll get what I’m about by knowing I’m a Husband – Dad – Grandad – Copywriter – Liverpool FC fanatic and I love my job.


Are you looking for a quick page of ‘that’ll do’ copy?        

Sorry – I’m not your guy.


Are you here for a real gig?

To hold your prospect’s attention at first glance?

To have every word you use focused on ‘The Sale’?  

Welcome – can’t wait to shake your hand.


Your 5 Step Copywriting Process 

Whether you need a compelling product description – or a full-blown marketing rebrand of your business, I approach every gig with the same passion, and always use my (tried and tested for many years) five-step process to put us in the best possible shape to begin. 

It’s designed to give me a highly effective tool to use the right tone of voice for your business personality – and to know exactly the right words to say to your prospect.

If you want your prospect to engage with/respond to/or act on your copy – it’s vital to take the time to get these elements spot on before a word hits the page.



1. I study your business to learn every benefit you offer

2. If you don’t yet have an ‘Ideal Customer Profile’ – I create one with you

3. This gives me the means to enter their life and discover thier main problem

4. I can then speak directly to them with persuasive copy – and solve their problem

5. Your business becomes their solution – that means more sales


You Get Much More than a Content Writer on Your Side


I’m an old school copywriter who lives for the gig.

But, I have the copywiters’ curse – and there’s no cure.

I notice things that are wrong on websitesadvertisementsbrochuresemails
videosproduct descriptions, or anything else that should drive more sales to your business.

This curse gives me no choice but to tell it straight, so you may hear a few things that make you hate me – a little bit.

But, you’ll like me again when your sales figures start flying.