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Why a Well-Crafted Landing Page is Your

Ultimate Sales Generator


What is a Landing Page?

In essence, it’s any page on your website where visitors ‘land on’ from another place. 


Is my Homepage a Landing Page?

Only if your customer types your URL in a search (not likely unless you’re a famous brand they’re familiar with).

Your homepage introduces everything your business can offer – Landing pages (should) focus on one action for your prospect to take.


Directing Traffic (especially PPC) To Your Homepage Is A Marketing Mistake

“Specific landing pages save your prospect time – and simplify the buying process”


sales landing page (or lander) is a standalone page on your website that uses one clear, focused call to action.

Its goal is to convert your prospects into live leads and (hopefullypaying customers.


How does a Landing Page work?

Consider ‘Lander’ as a highly skilled ‘Sales Person’ in your company. 

You’ve trained her up with every ounce of info about your business – and she knows every customer benefit of your product/service.

Her main function is to interact with your prospective customer – offer him a (valuable) persuasive taster of your business benefits – move him smoothly into your sales funnel – or (at the very least), add his details to your marketing database. 

There are two main types of ‘Lander’ – Lead Generation and Click-through.

Both (when crafted effectively) have the power to boost your business profit. 


What is a Lead Generation landing page?

The ‘Lead Gen Lander’ is a show-off. 

She loves to entice your prospect with an array of content marketing weapons that are proven to have a lead generating effect, including:


  • Ebooks
  • White papers
  • Webinar registration
  • Consultations for your professional services
  • Discount coupons/vouchers
  • Contest entry
  • Free trials of your products
  • A physical gift (via direct mail)

Or, virtually anything of value (often free of charge) to offer your prospect an interaction with your company.


What is a ‘Click-through’ landing page? 

The ‘Click-thru Lander’ is the ‘tasty filling’ in your sales sandwich. 

Here, she informs your customer with persuasive info about the benefits of your offer – before pointing him smoothly to your ‘buying page’.


Conversion rates suffer when an ad directs traffic straight to registration or shopping cart pages


When Lander steps in to give your prospect enough information to make a more informed buying decision, your conversion rates receive a huge boost



Imagine you’ve invented a life-changing product for your target market.

Let’s say it’s a new gumshield for boxers that can improve their win ratio.

Your ad claims “Revolutionary Gumshield Helps Boxers to Win More Fights!” 

Then, anyone who’s interested clicks immediately to your ‘Buy now’ page. 

All you’ve done so far, is make a claim about your product – where’s the proof to persuade your prospect to buy?

Enter ‘Lander’.

Now your prospect clicks to the ‘pre-buying page‘ proof they need …


Our revolutionary Gum-shield is scientifically designed to lessen the damage from your opponent’s punches.

We gave it to an amateur boxer and monitored his progress for a year – his win ratio

improved 70% on the previous year without our Gumshield – He has now turned Pro … etc. … etc.”

 Click-thru Lander is your proof – without her, your prospect doubts your claim.


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