About Your Existing & Prospective Customers

Customer Focused Content

They don’t buy your service or product – they buy 'solutions' to their 'problems'


That’s the foundation of customer focused content – and the CopyBoss mantra.

The entrepreneurial scrapyard is full of 'forgotten' businesses whose words were self-centered. They wasted the chance to fully engage and connect with their target market.

The cold facts are harsh - but true: customers don't care about your ‘business journey’ or your ‘award-winning' success.

Only two thoughts enter your prospect's head when they land on your page ...


 "What's in it for me?" and “How can I get it today?”


If they can't see the answer in the first few seconds, of any form of copy, they'll leave and take the chance of a sale with them.


 Customer focused content solves that problem for you.


How customer focused content creates more sales


Once your content takes off the "look at me" coat – it’s free. Free to focus on that wonderful human who needs what you have. Even if they don't know it - yet.

First, it's vital to build your ideal customer profile.

Why? Because it lets you enter their life – it gives you the right words to say. It turns your copy into a ‘two-way’ conversation. And that - sells.

To find them in the crowd, the right research must be done – and the right questions must be answered … 

customer profileEvery morsel you can find (and validate) adds ‘strength of sale’ to your copy.

How? By knowing the 'one' person who’s most likely to ‘buy' before a word hits that page.

This gives your ideal prospect a life you can talk about. It gives you a front door to walk through. 

And that puts you - in the ideal place to ‘make the sale’ – right next to them.


The answer to one more 'all-important' question, turns your content into the ultimate sales generator

To get it - you need to climb inside your prospect's head - step into their shoes. Scrutinise your business with complete honesty - then ask ...


"How can this business make my life easier?"


Combine this honest answer, with your customer profile, and your copy ‘solves ‘problems. That's the most powerful marketing tool there is. 

Why? Because now, you can do this …


  • Plant every headline in the mind of your 'ideal' prospect
  • Use the words they do. It resonates. It builds trust
  • Create ‘brand authority’ with 'benefit for reading' copy
  • Enter your prospect's 'everyday life' to ‘discover their problems’
  • Position your business as - ‘the solution’


If, the execution is spot on – your one true marketing goal’ kicks in – increased sales.

That’s the power of customer-focused content - and the CopyBoss mission.


How can I start increasing sales with customer-focused content right now?