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If your content isn't working, you're losing sales ...

That's the whole point. Right?

Whatever business you're in today, 'content', in any form, plays a vital role in achieving your ultimate marketing goal - more sales

But, if your marketing words are even slightly mistargeted - if they don't focus on your customer's needs - your content is firing blanks.

That means you're selling less than you could be.


How do I know if my content is working?

If your business is thriving, your customers come back time and again, new customers turn up on a daily basis and your sales figures keep on rising - well played -  your content is working - you don't need a copywriter. 

If all of the above isn't happening - you're wasting a huge sales opportunity.

Here's a (free) way to test your content ...


How it works 

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They are expertly checked for what must be there to convert your visitors into paying customersand, for the 'proven' content writing techniques that enhance your all-important click-through rates and SERPs ranking:


 Nerve Tingling Headlines

 Engaging 'Relevant' Tone of Voice

Persuasive 'Customer Focused' Content

Solid Guarantees

 'Trust Building' Proof

Valuable 'Expiring' Offers

Customer 'Searchable' Answers

Irresistible (single) Call to Action 


You find out if your content is in the best possible shape to 'sell'.

Your free results are delivered via Email/Phone/Skype (your choice).

If you need help to resolve any areas of concern - you'll be offered a fair price for the gig.

If not - we shake hands, and you're asked to remember where to come for any future marketing issues. 

That's all there is to it - really - no hidden costs - no obligation - just a good old-fashioned ...

 "CopyBoss can help - here's the proof" promise. 


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