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How Not Writing for Humans is Damaging Your Sales


The bad old days of unreadable SEO content, crammed with ‘anywhere you can fit them in’ keywords, are long gone (thankfully).

In today’s battle for front page visibility, it’s far more effective to write naturally (to one person) about ‘how’ your business can help them. Google loves this.

Search results now focus on answers to the important questions your customers are asking.



It’s all about ‘user intent.’

Natural SEO Content


SEO Content Tip:

Research the questions your customer needs answering –

 get to know the problems they need solving –

then, have a conversation on your page that offers a simple solution.


Webpages with valuable ‘Customer-focused Content‘ are now rewarded (about time) by the search engines.

Keywords are still as important as ever, and using keyword variations is vital. But – if your content is relevant, informing, engaging and easy to read, they should happen naturally.

Further SEO techniques can always be applied after your content has done the job it should be doing.


  5 Reasons to Forget About SEO as You Write


1. It gives your content a vital human element 

2. It keeps your mind on solving your prospect’s problem 

3. That gives them a real benefit for reading 

4. This gives your website respect from the SERPs 

5. And that – produces the desired effect of increased click-through rates and sales … kerching.


So, here’s what to do if you’re writing anything with only SEO in mind


SEO Content

Talk naturally to them – understand their problem – and give them a page that solves it.

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